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Great Tips For Choosing The Best Pet For You

October 6, 2017


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These days, there are plenty of pets you can adopt. Because of this, it becomes hard to choose which among these pets to choose. Good things there are tips you can employ.

How To Choose The Best Pet

No Impulse Shopping. Purchasing a pet at a shop because it looks very adorable is not a great way of adding another long-term member to your family. Be reminded that you are not the judge of your needs and your desires might not really meet these needs. There is indeed a need to ask a close relative or family member regarding what kind of pet may suit your way of life.

Take enough time to learn all about the pet you are considering of buying. Consider not learning from pet stores because they have a built-in bias to sell the animals. Books are indeed better. Always bear in your mind that a new pet can change the structure of a family and must be acceptable to all family members.

Determine why you would want to have a pet. Indeed, your personality trait is very important. Be reminded that dog people have different traits than cat people. If you want to teach it tricks or perhaps interact with it, a dog, cat or ferret can be your best option. It is true that most parents buy pets to become their children’s companion. This is indeed a great idea. But then, you must not buy a pet to instill responsibility in immature children.

Determine your lifestyle. It is very important for you to determine if you are a night owl or a day person. There are pets such as ferret and sugar gliders that spend a lot of the day asleep and mostly are active at night. Also, there are pets that get very lonely by themselves while some are not bothered by solitude. All these important things must be considered.

Choose one that matches your home environment. Some of the questions you must answer prior to adopting a pet include how much free space is at your home, how will your neighbors feel about this new pet, and more.

7 Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Off

October 6, 2017


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Anyone knows that pets can make your life sweeter. If you want a pet but don’t know what kind, and you don’t have time to take care of one as much as you used to there is no problem. We are going to talk about pets that are easy to take care of whether you are a child, a guy/girl in college or you have a job and don’t have that much free time:

    • Fish – You take one with a little bowl that does not require anything else but a bowl and a fish. That is a betta fish. Be careful because there can only be just one fish in the bowl, otherwise there is a big chance that they will fight till death because they are an aggressive type of fish. You can put them little special sand on the bottom with different colors and toys like plastic ocean leaves or something like that.
    • Gerbils – Take two of them because gerbils like company, otherwise they will be lonely and unhappy. Make sure they were in the same cage when they were born because they need to get along. It’s simple to take care of them because they wash themselves. You only need to feed them 2 big spoons a day and make sure they have something like cardboard so that their teeth won’t grow too much and die. And you know. . . clean the cage every 2 weeks and make sure they have water. You can buy or make them toys. There are a lot of options for that.
    • Guinea Pigs – They are like a bigger hamster. It would be better if they live in group of two or more. They make excellent fuzzy friends for you or your children. They obviously need a large cage and they usually weight around 3 pounds.
    • Birds – Small birds are good pets for children. They require food, water and a little bit of playing with them. They are birds for watching more than anything. You can buy additional toys or let them out in the house with the windows closed.
    • Tortoise – One thing is for sure: they live long. They are cool pets though. They can live by themselves – no need for more only if you want. They like cucumber and raw peas that kind of vegetables. Some tortoise need to hibernate so it is better that you have something like a garage or a cool/cold place for the tortoise.
    • Snake – You can buy a small snake which makes a pretty good pet to have in you want something more different – a nonvenomous one off course. A small one can grow up to 5 feet. After they are comfortable with you the snake will find warmth in your hand. Pretty neat.
  • Lizard – very easy to take care of. Even though it is not cuddly or fuzzy it is still a pretty neat pet. Even though some lizards seem inexpensive the equipment to take care of one is most of the times more expensive.

7 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

October 6, 2017


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Did you know that pet ownership has nearly tripled in the United States since the 1970s? In fact, as of 2012 over 60% of households had at least one pet. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) also found that we Americans spend $50 billion on our dogs, cats and other animals annually. So, what are some health benefits to owning a pet?

Lowers Blood Pressure and Stress

With approximately half of American households being the home of one or more dogs, what’s the real reason behind man’s best friend’s appeal? Well, according to WebMD, owning a pet can actually lower blood pressure and help to lessen anxiety.

Boost Your Immunity

Owning a cat or dog has also been shown to boost your immune system. Dr. James Gern from the University of Wisconsin-Madison also found that having a pet in the household reduced the incidence of childhood allergies by more than 30% in some kids. The same research showed that kids exposed to common household pets had more robust immune systems later in life.

Increase Sociability and Lifespan

It’s already been shown that people who become very isolated and depressed live on average eight years less than their more emotionally-stable peers. Owning a dog is actually a great way to interact with people in your community. Whether in a dog park or on your dog’s afternoon walk, striking up conversation becomes that much easier with a pet in tow.

Stronger Heart

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently showed that owning one or more pets significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. This is done indirectly, however. You see, owning a pet has been correlated with lower blood pressure and better cholesterol scores. Owning a pet has also been correlated with more favorable triglyceride levels. These things together indirectly help lower heart disease.

Just owning a pet has been associated with a three percent reduction in the chances of dying from a heart-related condition (e.g., heart attack). Considering that heart disease and cancer each kill approximately a half-million Americans annually, maybe owning a pet is a justifiable alternative to taking out more health insurance!

Stick to Fitness Goals

Dog owners tend to be less sedentary during the day. Walking, jogging, biking or running with your dog are all options during the warmer months. The National Institute of Health polled over 2,000 people and found that dog owners who walked their dogs themselves, instead of having a family member or someone else do so, were far less likely to be obese.

Keep Your Head Up

Dog ownership has been correlated with having more of a sense of purpose, especially in elderly people who have retired or are unable to work consistently. The companionship that owning a dog or a cat can foster can help to lower feelings of loneliness or detachment.

Go Figure: Surprising Findings

Research into the area of pet ownership and health sometimes uncovers odd correlations. For instance, the Delta Society found that having garishly-colored fish improved the appetites and reduced the disruptive outbursts of Alzheimer’s patients.

It has also been found that people who own pets have better psychological profiles overall and are less likely to sweat the small stuff. Interestingly, pet ownership has been correlated with worrying less about a home invasion.

Great for Kids

Aside from improving the immune systems of kids, having a pet in the household can enhance the intellectual development of children as well as improve their self-worth and nurturing behaviors. Owning a pet also makes kids more resilient to the death of a loved one, according to recent research.

Health Benefits of a Pet

October 6, 2017


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There is a surprising range of health benefits of pet ownership. Most of us have heard of the pet therapy programs in many hospitals because pets help patients recover faster on less medication. Patients return home sooner, the cost is less, and they’re happier and healthier overall.

The unconditional love provided by a pet is fairly rare in life and has proven to reduce anxiety and depression. It’s also obvious that this companionship reduces boredom and isolation especially for those residing alone. This emotional benefit has been scientifically proven to improve our physical health in a number of different areas. The results below are from a study(1) that examined these areas.

Cardiovascular Improvement: Dogs and cats provide similar benefits. A study found that, “If you have a cat, you’re 30% less likely to have a heart attack, and you’re 40% less likely to have a stroke.”(1)

Reduces Blood Pressure: This objective measure of health is especially true if your blood pressure is already elevated.

Improves Immunity and Allergies: Having a pet as a child can reduce allergies and increase immunity. Children raised on farms don’t have allergies and attend school more.

Decreases Stress: A study gave people a stressful task and found they experienced less distress when with their pets. This was better when compared to being with a family, spouse or friends.

Pain Management: A study in hospitals revealed that surgery patients need less pain medication and recover faster when pets are present. It has shown to reduce migraine and arthritis pain as well.

Improved Mood: A decrease in depressive symptoms is noted. It’s most likely from the unconditional love and companionship pets provide. Pet contact releases endorphins that have a pain killing and mood increasing effect.

Emotional Development: Caring for a pet, especially when young, enables better social skills and a sense of responsibility. Pets even increase literacy skills and self-confidence in children.

Social Benefit: It’s not a surprise that studies show dog owners are better socially connected and friendlier than non-owners. Taking your dog for a walk twice a day is a form of social networking.

May Lower Cholesterol: Pet owners have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels on average. The causal relationship is still being explored.

Cat Tents – A Great Gift Idea

October 6, 2017


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Are you wondering what gift to offer a friend or relative who has a cat as their pet? Gift him a pet tent, it will make an ideal gift. These tents are versatile, lightweight and can be stored conveniently.

The prices of pet tents can vary a lot. You may procure a top quality expensive tent, or an inexpensive variety that is fine for indoor use or even in your backyard. You can certainly locate one that fits in your budget, while simultaneously fulfilling your requirements, as well as those of your friend.

Here are the benefits of cat tents:

  • Cats prefer sleeping in unseen spots. A pet tent works as a safe, quiet and private area for the pet to relax or go to sleep.
  • Condensed tents are excellent for trips. Certain tents are designed for use within the car, though you can also get pet tents intended for outdoor use. Generally, these may be used for cats as well as dogs.
  • You can get flexible, handy tents. You’ll find them helpful when traveling with your pet. These are easy to shift, clean and store.
  • If you are short of funds and unable to procure a cat house or can’t provide adequate space in the backyard, you can provide your cat with a tent to keep it protected from natural elements. You can hide it when not in use.

Cat tents are ideal for indoor use.

  • Most tents have a collapsible design, making it easy to fold and store them to save your space.
  • Pet tents can be assembled, packed and stored easily, particularly their pop-up variety.
  • Many tents include dangling toys, which the cat enjoys playing with.
  • Obviously, a pet tent can be considered as a piece of useful furniture.

Factors you should consider while procuring a cat tent:

  1. There can be many factors influencing your choice. However, design and cost are the most significant and should be kept in mind while selecting a tent.
  2. The next important factor is the size of tent. If your pet is large-sized, you have to procure a tent large enough for the animal to move easily inside it.
  3. You should also consider the material used for making the tent. If you plan using it outdoor, you should get a tent with a sturdier construction. Lighter variety is made for indoor use.
  4. If you like taking the pet along with you during your outdoor trips or camps, buy one designed appropriately for the purpose. You may know that most pets tend to get edgy while traveling.

Here are additional features you should seek while selecting the most suitable tent for your cat:

  • Easy installation and storage – it should be lightweight and convenient to carry, clean and install.
  • Great design – It should provide adequate ventilation to your pet.

4 Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Pets

October 6, 2017


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Pets are like the kids who require proper nurturing and a caring touch to thrive and grow up. Once you bring any of them home, you should shower on them the maximum amount of love and respect possible. That is why going for pets is a big decision that you must opt for after deep introspection. There are quite a number of things that you must take care of, in the best way possible. Here are some of the best ways in which you can take care of your canine companions, feathery buddies and feline friends.

Schedule regular visits to the vets – This is one of the foremost things to be performed after you bring them home. They are almost like human beings and just like humans need a periodical check-up they also need to have it. This is done just to ensure that if they are infected with the virus of any kind of disease, it gets detected before it’s too late. So you should go for regular vaccination of the dogs and cats especially and keep the number of your vet and that of a veterinary hospital handy just as a precaution of dealing with emergency situations.

Spaying and neutering pets – This one is not only imperative but it proves to be really beneficial too. Each year there is an increasing number of animals who become homeless, are abandoned or lost. To prevent this, it is necessary that you go for this. This type of operation prevents the pets from developing certain types of cancer and also checks the roaming about of your pets and thus, decreases the chance of them from being lost.

Make sure their food suits their nutritional needs – The inexpensive foodstuff that is available in the market may not be healthy for your pets. Similar is the case with feeding them with table scraps. No matter how sweet they look, it is not advisable to practise this because the food that you take may contain some minerals that are harmful to them. That is why you should feed them with the special type food meant for them that too in a responsible amount.

Bestow adequate love and affection on your pets – Animals are more like humans and they crave for attention from their masters and mistresses. Though this is mostly true for cats and dogs but even fish and lizards require this for surviving. You need to play with them so as to ensure that they get proper mental stimulation and exercise.

Dog Flu Symptoms And Treatment

October 6, 2017


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This a short information about dog flu symptoms and treatment.

Canine Influenza, otherwise called canine flu, was initially seen in the USA in 2004 in racing greyhounds in Florida. The CIV H3N8 strain has now spread to over 38 countries and generally happens in the canine population. Genetic analysis indicates that the virus is closely associated with equine flu, also as greyhounds and race horses frequently are around the very same racetracks, speculation is that canine flu evolved in the equine virus and jumped from horses to dogs.

In 2015, an epidemic of a new breed of dog flu appeared. This breed known as CIV H3N2 is of avian origin rather than linked to this earlier CIV H3N8 virus.

Dogs of any age may be affected, and since the viruses are comparatively new, there’s little to no natural immunity from the canine population. Virtually all dogs who are exposed to the virus become infected and almost 80% show clinical signs of disease. The virus is extremely contagious, but mercifully has a very low mortality rate. There’s no “season” for this, and it spreads year round. Dogs greatest in danger are those bundled together, the very young, the very old and also the immune-compromised. The disease doesn’t affect humans.

The virus spreads through respiratory secretions (e.g. Mucous and saliva) and infected objects and surfaces (e.g. Noodle surfaces, water, food bowls, collars and leashes). Folks also distribute it going between infected and uninfected dogs with no appropriate hygiene or precautions.

Indicators of canine flu follow along one of two paths, severe or mild, with the gentle kind being the most frequent. Symptoms are usually found within 2-3 days of disease. The gentle form contains: Soft, moist cough which lasted for 10-30 times, Dry cough, such as kennel cough, Loss of desire, Lethargy, Sneezing, Discharge from eyes, Runny nose, and Thick discharge from nose.

Treatment will be based on the symptoms that your dog is introduced. Antibiotics may be prescribed to combat any bacterial infections existing. Anti-inflammatories might be awarded for fever, swelling and pain. Fluid treatment is given to all those dogs that are very dehydrated. Other medicines may be prescribed based on the additional symptoms present. Hospitalization may be required in more severe cases. Fatalities have just been reported with the beginning of pneumonia, however, the speed is less than 10 percent of dogs that are affected.

Boosting the Dog Immune System

Boosting your pet’s immune system helps accelerate the recovery from dog flu, in addition to preventing further afield. It is the work of the immune system to secure your pet’s own body from cells infected by bacteria, a virus, fungus, or parasites. The immune system also filters out toxins and retains cells powerful enough to fight dog illness like the dog influenza. When the immune system is weak, micro-organisms comprising infections and toxins can pass via the immune cells that are immune.

The most effective methods to enhance the immune system include fundamental nutrition and nutritional supplements. A puppy who eats entire foods free of substances and additives and allergens like wheat, soy, and corn may have higher health than a puppy that has a bad diet. Your pet’s diet ought to be rich in organic ingredients which mimic what he’d consume in the wild and also the food needs to have a high moisture content.

1 approach to help your pet remain free of the flu would be to vaccinate him against it. Vaccines have now released vaccines against the two canine flu viruses. Flu vaccines aren’t a guarantee that your pet will not catch the illness, but when a vaccinated pet doesn’t go down with influenza, it’s typically not as severe as it is in puppies which are unvaccinated.

Could puppies catch flu from people?

Diseases that leap from animals to humans are known as zoonoses. However, there’s also the possibility of diseases like influenza, to maneuver out of people to animals. These are known as reverse zoonoses.

How to Take Care of Pets

October 6, 2017


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In today’s busy and self-centered world when no one has any time for anyone else, pets in our homes make for the best friends and companions we can ever hope to have! The joy and enthusiasm that my pet dog greets me with when I reach home at the end of a long and arduous workday immediately lifts my spirits and any tiredness I bring back with me vanishes into thin air. Pets are loyal, faithful, unconditional and spontaneous in their love and benefit us in several ways.

In return, it is important for us to ensure we care for our pets too in the best way possible.

Here are some key ways in which you can make sure you are being a responsible pet owner and carer!

Space: Pets need to have a place that is safe, dry, clean and cozy. While deliberating on the choice of our pets we must carefully consider the space it will require for the aquarium for our fish, corner for our cat or dog or cage for the lovebirds we so wish to have! If an entire room is too much to think of, a clear and demarcated boundary can be created for your furry friend.

Diet: According to the pet that you own, you must strive to ensure they are fed a balanced and nutritious diet. Every species and breed in turn has foods that are permissible and those that can cause greater harm than good. Make sure you check with the vet and only feed your pet the right kind of foods and appropriate portions. Just as food needs to be carefully monitored, so too you must ensure that your pet has adequate and clean drinking water available.

Exercise: All pets need their space to be able to flex their muscles and spread their wings. Pets like dogs need to be taken for a scheduled walk regularly. Pet birds must have enough room in their cages not to feel cramped. A daily exercise routine will ensure your pets are healthy and happy

Medical Attention: Regular checkups with the veterinarian will make sure that your pet is hale and healthy and will help to diagnose any ailments well in advance. Vaccinations must be given in a timely and disciplined manner.

Cleanliness: All pets have cleanliness and hygiene needs. Pets like dogs and cats must be bathed regularly and groomed to keep their fur, hair, nails and skin well cared for. The area your pets are housed in must be cleaned and washed daily to keep the surroundings clean and pest free. Make sure also to keep your pet free of parasites like fleas, ticks and worms. Fish bowls or aquarium water needs to be changed appropriately in a timely fashion.

Supervision: While most pets once trained and habitual to their environment tend to stay safe it is important for a new pet to be supervised till they get a lay of the land! Inadvertently leaving the cage open could let the parrot or parakeet escape, dashing out of an ajar door could let the puppy or kitten to make a wild dash out onto the street which could be potentially dangerous.

4 Effective Ways of Animal Communication

October 6, 2017


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Are you an animal lover? Do you communicate with your pet? If you have long time experience of keeping pets then you probably understand their language. We do possess the skills that help us to interact with the animals. This is the reason why we human beings are much different from the other animals. To communicate with animals you can take the help of these tips.

• Start with your own pet- Your pet parrot can give you a good start. The best reason is that you already have a good connection with it and will understand better. Observe the pet keenly about how it behaves. This will give you a good idea about their behavior.

• Wait for their response- Let the pet respond when you say them anything. The response is important so wait for their response and do not continue to talk with them. While they reply their behavior can be analyzed in a better way. Give them the time to understand and apprehend. Of course, you do not expect to talk back. They will respond you in their own way. It can be a word, a whistle or even a gesture.

• Give proper responses- Always reply to your pets call like you do when your friends call you. If you do not pay attention to them they will become inattentive to you. If you are ignoring it this will be the biggest mistake you are making. If you feel that the pet is not responding enough then you have to take them to a pet psychic to restore their ability to speak again.

• Communicate with other animals- The moment you are able to connect with your pet you should give them more time. Always treat them well and with care. Whenever you are alone sit with the pet and take to them. You will enjoy very much when they are around you. At this point of time, you are also prepared to communicate with other kinds of animal.

To conclude it can be said that the more you talk with your pet and observe their response the more you will be learning about them. In this way, you can learn to communicate with other animals. To learn more you can take help from the net where you will find a lot of information about pet psychics, animal talk, and animal communication if you are interested in the subject.

How to Remove Pet Hairs

October 6, 2017


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Pets drop their hairs constantly and they shed out everywhere in the house. These small hairs can be very annoying when they go deep into clothing, couches, carpet and furniture. It is not just unpleasant in appearance, pet hairs are actually one of the sources of various kind of respiratory allergies. They have awful impact to the respiratory system especially for young kids.

Here are some easy methods to remove the hairs of your pets on furniture and clothing.

Vacuum Cleaner

This is the most effective and handy technique. A suitable vacuum cleaner can cover and clean up a large piece of area. Using vacuum cleaner is in particular good for carpet, blinds and large couch. Many vacuum companies have come out with attachments to help suck up pet hairs from difficult areas such as carpet. You may use two special attachments to deal with larger flat surface e.g. carpet and then a sucking tube on gaps and hanging pieces such as curtain.

Rollers or Tape

This is probably the cheapest, simplest and yet effective method. It works exceptionally well for removing pet hairs from clothing where there is an uneven surface. Simply move the roller back and forth over the problem areas until all hairs have been picked up. Remember to peel off the piece when it is fully covered with hair. Then a fresh sticky piece will appear to work again.

Similar technique applies when you use packaging tape, duck tape or scotch tape. Wrap you hand with the non-sticky side toward your hand and the adhesive side face out. Brush your hand over the desired area and pick up the hairs thoroughly. However rollers and tape method may not work so well for larger piece of furniture like sofa and carpet. It can be a tiring job if you do so.

Lint Brush

Have you try to use a lint brush to remove the lint on your wool and woven jackets? They can be used in picking up pet hairs from your furniture as well. The key is to pull the brush in one single direction only. Do not move your brush back and forth. The reversal of direction will make the hair re-deposit onto the clothes again. Use lint brush on small furniture items such as chair and couches are good. However it is difficult to use between small gaps because of the flat surface of the lint brush. So you have to redo with a tape or vacuum cleaner to work deep inside small areas.

With all these methods to clean off pet hairs, the basic is that you can avoid the dropping of pet hairs. This depends on your training of the pets so they will not run around inside the house and shed hairs everywhere. Also regular hair combing helps to reduce the hairs from losing out.